Trademark Abstraction

My photography website has always been So Shoot Me!®. Well, not always. For some years before that, it was So Shoot Me!™. (The current website was originally built in May of 2009.)

Notice the difference in the names? In both cases, the name is trademarked. But in the first case, there’s a ® at the end, because it’s a federally-registered trademark. Cost me a bit of money to have that done.

Now I’m finding that it’s costing me bundle after bundle to protect my mark – way more than most people might think, and so far more than I make off selling my photography itself. (My images have sold for as much as $1500-$2,200 per print. Still, the trademark protection costs are too high.)

And so, I’m finding myself at a crossroads in my thinking. To be frank, it’s part of the reason I haven’t been blogging for some time: I hate continuing to put effort into something when I’m not sure of the direction I want to take it.

I think I’ve made a decision. Now that the new “dot photography” domains are available, I’m exploring a switch to RickHorowitz.Photography, although I admit to not being completely comfortable with it. Or maybe “not very happy” is the right way to put it.  [Read more…]

Third Place Award: Nudes in November 2014

The Spider's Lair

I have been remiss about blogging lately. A bit too busy with my law practice – which, at the moment, is how I fund my life – so unless and until I sell more prints on a regular basis, that’s just how it goes.

Anyway, some of you may know that last year, I won First Place in Photography during ArtHop™ at the Sorensen Studio’s “Nudes in November” 2013 show.

Since then, I have won other awards, as well. The latest of these – bringing me full circle for the year – is another win for “Nudes in November” 2014 show, which I present above, as the featured image of this post. [Read more…]

Running Dry

Huntington Lake docks in black and white from So Shoot Me!®

I spent the last several weeks in a state of extremely-heightened stress. You see, Nudes in November is coming up at the Sorensen Studio – in fact, the submission period for the 2014 show was yesterday – and I desperately wanted to come up with a winning idea. At last year’s Nudes in November show, which was my first juried competition, I came away with First Place, and really started to think more seriously about my photography.

This post really isn’t going to be about my submissions for this year’s Nudes in November show, but I do want to talk briefly about getting ready for it, because that’s what lead up to today’s featured image.  [Read more…]

Rainy Days

Rain Clouds Over the Valley

One of the downsides to focusing mostly on landscape photography, as I’ve been doing lately, is that I’m kind of a fair-weather guy. I also hate getting up too early in the morning, if I don’t have to do so.

Oh, let’s face it. I hate it even if I have to do so. Probably even more.

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Third Place Win at ArtHop™

Third Place Win

This past week, in addition to the fact that I had my own exhibit at Fresno’s downtown Citibank, I again entered a juried competition at the Sorensen Studio.

Since I already wrote about the works I entered at the Sorensen, I won’t rehash that here; this post is really just to announce that I won Third Place in Photography for my daytime shot of the Centerville Fruit Stand.

If you’re in Fresno, the show at the Sorensen will still be going on during the month of October. Pop on in and check out not just my work, but the great work of several others artists! (The Best of Show is an incredible sculpted piece!)

Well, I have a couple of model shoots this weekend, so not really time to say much more here today. I have a few pictures I want to write about, but that’s going to have to wait until later. With the new studio, plus my regular business, there’s a lot happening right now. Keeping up is a challenge, but fun.

Check back later for more!

Day & Night

Faux Night at the Fruit Stand

That’s how it seems I’ve been working lately: day and night, night and day.

This Thursday, October 2, 2014, from 5 p.m. until at least 7 p.m., I have my first ArtHop™ exhibition at the downtown Citibank at Kern & M Streets in Fresno. If you’re in the area, stop by! I’ll be there.

Meanwhile, three of my prints, including the featured image above, and the original (more on that below), along with about a three-foot-long version of The Hills Are Alive, will be showing at the Sorensen Studio for their Fall/Halloween Show.

And then there’s my day job.

Oh, and did I mention that I have a new studio? (More on that in another post!)
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ArtHop™ Exhibition October 2, 2014

Frédéric Yonnet

This is a bit of an out-of-the-ordinary post for me, and for that reason, I just grabbed a ready-at-hand image I shot about a year ago at the Woodward Park Fresno Summer Jazz 2013 series #1.

I had been invited there to shoot the Blu J’z, whose concerts I used to shoot quite frequently around the Fresno area. I happened to run into the manager for Frédéric Yonnet between sets, showed her my work, and she asked me — and got clearance from the show organizers — to shoot “Fred” as well. Back then, I was shooting quite a few bands.

More on that, and my announcement, after the jump (or if you came here via direct link, below). [Read more…]

A Gathering of Old Friends

A Gathering of Old Friends

Awhile back, a very, very, very dear friend of ours passed away. I had written this post at that time, but for reasons that are not important, I took it down. I really liked the image, and the majority of the post, but there were…issues.

Not a day has gone by since her passing that I don’t think about Carole. She was a dear friend. But by finally taking Carole, cancer has only partially succeeded in taking her from us. As someone I once knew would say, “It has not won.”

I wish I could say the same about what happened with our relationship to her husband. I really do. But our struggle to deal with losing a woman we both loved deeply — among other things — made it impossible for us to maintain the bond with him. I had hoped that would only be a temporary success for cancer, as well, but it turns out, as they say, that there was too much water under the bridge.

And too many other problems.

I will give him credit for this (among some other things): when Carole was nearing the end, he did get in touch with us through other mutual friends, and gave us an opportunity to come see Carole for one last goodbye at the hospice a couple of days before her passing.

Aside from being reminded by all this that we are all far from perfect people, I re-learned the lesson that everyone grieves in their own way. My grief may take a different shape than that of others. I may not always understand what they are doing; it may not always make sense to me. But I have to remember that I am not them; they are not Rick. When I do not understand, it’s a good clue that I should simply stand silent. Which is why you, dear reader, are not getting more specific information on the issue.  [Read more…]

Moon River

Moon River

The subtitle for my website, which I think only shows up on mobile devices, is “The Photographic Art of Rick Horowitz.” There’s a reason I call it that, rather than “The Photography of Rick Horowitz.”

Perhaps it’s because I live in an area of the country that — “landscape-wise” — doesn’t tickle my sense of the artistic. Maybe it’s because I like tinkering. Or perhaps, I really wanted to be a painter, but realize I just don’t have the skills to make actual paintings from a blank canvas.

In any event, I’m never really all that happy with what I’m able to shoot in my own neck of the woods. I’ll often go out and drive for hours, only to return home without having taken one shot. I just didn’t see anything that made me want to stop my car, and get out the camera.

I’ve come to realize that, most of the time — perhaps 99% of the time — it’s the skies I don’t like. California is in the middle of a draught. I’m in the middle of California. And there’s just not that much in the way of anything but dirty-looking pollution-infested brownish-to-pale-blue-brown skies.

So it is that I tend to do what I can to “create” photos with the most interesting skies I can. I imagine what I want in my mind’s eye, and that’s what I “shoot,” even if it requires a little artistic creativity after the fact.

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Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge (after)

Just so  you know, I don’t only shoot agricultural images when I shoot landscapes.

Last weekend, I went to Berkeley for an Evidence seminar — my “regular” job is as a criminal defense attorney — and naturally I took along all my camera equipment.  [Read more…]

How the Sun Rolls at Night

Cactus Garden on Fence (Panorama)

Bunny Chafowitz and I were making plans to go out at 4 a.m. this morning to try to catch some sunrise “agscapes.”

Unfortunately, my day job got in the way of being able to adequately scout out locations. Since I had no idea where we might go to look for agscapes that might look good under a rising sun, I asked Bunny if it was okay to move our schedule by one day. She agreed, and we’ll go out tomorrow…or tonight…or…aargh…sometime after the next 4 a.m. following this post.

Meanwhile, she went on to bed, and I got to thinking about the sunrise.

This naturally led to me wondering what that pesky ol’ Sun was doing right about then, and how I was going to photograph it…. [Read more…]

The Hills Are Alive

Newly-plowed field in the hills near where I live

I have been remiss. I’m shooting, but haven’t felt much like blogging lately. So maybe I’ve got a few stacked up inside me here.

Anyway, last night I went out driving around starting about 6 p.m. I didn’t have any idea what I was going to shoot, but I knew that I wanted — among other things — to try out a new “rail” I bought for being able to keep my camera on a line for stitching multiple exposures. For reasons that aren’t 100% clear to me, although I’ve got some pretty good ideas that it has to do with the distance between subject and camera, combined with focal length, the thing doesn’t do quite what I wanted.

Nevertheless, I managed to get some interesting shots, traversed another 20-30 miles of agricultural land outside my normal purview, and started to get a handle on what crops are being grown where.

Why does this matter? Because I’m wanting to try to apply lessons I’ve learned from landscape photography to shooting agriculturally-oriented shots. I live in the midst of one of the biggest farm regions of the United States; at least one New York Times article says our valley “is the world’s largest patch of Class 1 soil, the best there is.” Though I haven’t found a tomato farm yet — or maybe I passed one and didn’t recognize it?! — we are supposedly the largest supplier of canned tomatoes in the world.

Yet, until recently, I’ve never paid much attention to this.  [Read more…]

Don’t Cry

Field of Onions

Field of Dreams?

For some farmers, that’s just what onions are.

Frankly, I don’t know a lot about onions. I like to eat ‘em. That’s about it. Recently, I decided to start trying to shoot “agscapes,” as Ryan from Horn Photo called them when I showed him my work the other day. I was surprised to learn that he’s been shooting “agscapes” for a couple or so years now.

I was also surprised to see that onions, when blooming, look like giant dandelions.  [Read more…]

Excitement Over a Storm

Second Place Win May 2014 Black & White Show at Sorensen Studio

This website, I think, is about to undergo another makeover. If you’ve paid any attention to me — and my infrequent blogging probably does not encourage that — you know that I keep re-designing the website. There are reasons for that which go beyond “I don’t seem to be able to find something I really like.”

I’ve been trying to transition from being, as one photography vendor once called me, “an enthusiast,” to being more of a professional photographer. (The vendor said that as a compliment. I had referred to myself as an “amateur” in terms of my skill level at that time. The vendor stated that I was far from an amateur, but since I was only selling my prints “in addition to” my non-photography day-job, he used “enthusiast” to describe me.)

As I make this transition, I’m submitting some of my work to juried competitions.

My latest such effort resulted in the black-and-white version of my “Calm Beneath the Storm” winning second place in the Landscapes category at the Sorensen Studio.  [Read more…]

Open for Business

Open for Business

Continuing the theme from the last post, today’s post is another High Dynamic Range (HDR) image. This one is true HDR, with three bracketed exposures shot with my Canon 5D Mark III.

As I write this, I cannot exactly remember which restaurant is depicted. I was walking along a pier near the marina in Monterey — if you know the area, it’s over near the Portola Plaza.

I set up the camera with the idea in mind that I would deliberately shoot HDR, just to see what would happen.  [Read more…]

The Calm Beneath the Storm

Stormy Vineyard

I’m always amazed at just what I’m learning these days.

I really hope that some day, I’ll be able to make a major part of my living off photography, and be able to devote even more time to improving my skills. Slowly, but surely, I’m getting there. The image this post is about is currently being sold through Rolff’s Gallery in Fresno. If you want to view the print version, it’s on display in the window of the store.

Anyway…I don’t have a lot to say about this image. It was something of an accident that proved to me that buying the Sony DSC-RX100M II was a good idea.

Not that the image was purely the result of the Sony…

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Don’t Feed the Dino!

Don't Feed the Dino

Yeah, sorry. I couldn’t come up with a better title.

One of the things about my photographic work is that I’m not really totally wanting to “just do photography.” In almost all of the images that I capture, I want to add something of an element of painting, or compositing, or otherwise manipulating the image. Frankly, if I were good enough, I’d probably try my hand at photo-realistic digital painting, so that I could create exactly what I want without the need for the intervening photograph. I think.

I mean, I still enjoy the craft of photography, of getting a good picture straight from the camera. It’s just that sometimes, when I look at an image, I “see” things that aren’t really there.  [Read more…]

A Colorful Past

"Doc," daughter Denise, and "friend"

Everyone I’ve ever met, in one way or another, has a colorful past.

By this, I mean that I’ve learned that almost everyone has something unexpected and interesting about them, and particularly about their past, which the majority of us would perhaps not know just from meeting them, or even interacting with them in an ordinary acquaintance-type relationship on an ordinary day.  [Read more…]